A denture replaces missing teeth aswell as helping support speech, chewing ability and preventing your face from sagging. – Cork Dental Smiles
dentures cork

Dentures cork

Are dentures right for me?

A denture is a removable appliance used to replace one or more missing teeth. They help improve appearance and function by improving your speech and chewing ability, filling out your smile and preventing your face sagging over time due to lack of support.

They can be made of acrylic (hard plastic) or cobalt chrome (metal structure).

Benefits of Dentures

Each denture is custom made for your mouth. We take a mould and create a perfect fitting denture just for you.

Dentures are much more affordable than teeth implants and can cover multiple teeth in one denture.

No surgery is needed, we just take a quick mould of your mouth and our laboratory will make a perfect fitting denture for you.

Aswell as the cosmetic benefits of replacing missing teeth, dentures also help to main speech and improve chewing abilities.


Considering Dentures?

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