Tooth Extraction

Whilst we will try every other method available to us, sometimes there is no other option but to remove a tooth, and we try to make that process as pain free as possible for you. – Cork Dental Smiles
Tooth Extractions Cork

Tooth Extractions Cork

When is Tooth Extraction right for me?

If a tooth cannot be saved by a filling, root canal treatment or crown, for example, it may need to be removed. At Cork Dental Smiles, we aim to make extractions as quick and pain free as possible.


  • Tooth damaged beyond repair
  • Tooth not well positioned (i.e. erupting at the wrong angle)
  • Impacted wisdom teeth (trapped in the jawbone)
  • Insufficient room for all teeth in the mouth
  • Orthodontic treatment may require extra room
  • Infection destroying the tooth or bone
  • Gum disease causing the tooth to get loose due to loss of bone support

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

The good news is that the extraction of your tooth is usually a quick process.

Tooth extraction is much more affordable than many people expect, and regret putting it off for so long, suffering with infections and discomfort.

Usually teeth are only removed to remove infections, badly damaged teeth, pain, or to make way for orthodontic treatment.


Tooth Extraction

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